This site may be useful to you if you are considering a non-drug treatment for atrial fibrillation, such as catheter ablation, or Maze or "mini-maze" surgery --plus additional articles and reports. --Dick Inglis   April 2006 -- February 2010




Choosing a Non-drug Treatment for Atrial Fibrillation: A Checklist

List of Surgeons & EPs               Questions to email EPs or Surgeons

My Wolf Mini-maze Part I (1/5/2006) Part II (4/2006) Part III (Bordeaux,2-3/2007)

Part IV (Post-Ablation Breakthroughs)

Finding out what self help works for you: Experimenting with supplements, etc.

AATS 2007 Surgery for AF; Boston 2008 AF Symposium

Additional articles, including: Advice for new AFers, ?'s for your first appointment, and

 Whether to have an ablation or surgery

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